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  • Can I dance elsewhere while studying VCE Dance at IDS?

  • Are there prerequisites for enrolment?

  • How long does it run?

  • Where are classes held?

  • What days are VCE Dance held at IDS?

  • VCE Dance classes are typically held on Wednesdays.

  • What costs are involved?

  • Are course materials available?


Available to internal and external students in Years 10 - 12 VCE DANCE AT IDS IDS is proud to provide VCE Dance classes for senior students studying their Victorian State Certificate (VCE).


The IDS VCE Dance Program operates during Terms 1 - 4 of the school year, involving 350+ hours of training, undertaken over two years. Students are required to attend practical dance classes in a minimum of two styles per week as well as attend special VCE theory work classes held at the IDS studios with a fully-registered VCAA Teacher. 

"Dance is the language of movement"


Enrolment is simple and easy. Enrolments open annually from August to December.


Read all about IDS's VCE Dance course and the incredible Top Class success two years in a row! 2019-2020


VCE Dance fees are paid per

semester/per unit. 

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