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Affordable VCE Dance education

Student who elect to undertake VCE Dance at IDS are committing to completing Units 1 & 2 and the fee for each Unit is due and payable at the start of each Unit.


Classes are held on Wednesdays with our fully-qualified and registered VCE Dance Teacher and include 3 hours of independent theory and practical rehearsal.


$45 Annual registration fee per student per year

$45 Units 1 & 2 per class (if less than 3 students price will increase to $50 per class)

$50 Units 3 & 4 per class


There are approximately 19 weeks per semester. This is subject to change in alignment with the Victorian school curriculum. Fees include up to 3 hours of theory and practical work per week and access and support after class hours via our Google classroom.


Fees are payable twice a year/per unit.

Unit’s 1 and 2 due February

Unit’s 3 and 4 due July


In addition to the above VCE Fees, students must also undertake two technique classes per week. This can be done at their own independent dance school and or with IDS. Technique classes are available at IDS on Friday’s.  


External students undertaking their two weekly technique classes at their own independent dance school will incur an additional fee of $100 per

unit to cover the extra facilitator

liaison/coordination/administration between schools.

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