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Can I dance elsewhere while studying VCE Dance at IDS?

Yes – You are welcome to continue your other dance training wherever you choose. A commitment to the IDS VCE Dance Classes are a must and attendance will attribute to your overall VCE marks.

Are there prerequisites for enrolment?

There’s no prerequisites for entry into Units 1,2 or 3, however students must complete Unit 3 prior to commencing Unit 4.

How long does it run?

VCE Dance at IDS runs over two years (to complete Units 1 -4) and each year classes operate during the School Terms.

Where are classes held?

At Independent Dance Studio’s state-of-the-art facilities - 117 Wedgewood Road, Hallam VIC 3803.

What days are VCE Dance held at IDS?

VCE Dance classes are typically held on Wednesdays.

Is there a uniform?

Yes we offer a class VCE Dance T-shirt upon enrolment. General dance attire or athletic-wear is suitable.

What costs are involved?

A one-off VCE Dance Registration Fee of $45 is payable per year to secure your place in the VCE Dance Program Other fees include class dance fees for Wednesdays. See Fee Structure for full details.

Are course materials available?

Yes - a copy of all 4 course books to support the VCAA Dance Study Design (2019-2023) is provided upon enrolment at a small cost. Books can be re sold second-hand.

Frequently Asked Questions
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