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VCE Dance Prospectus

IDS is a Single Study Provider (SSP) of VCE Dance with all curricullum and assessment components being taught at IDS by a fully-accredited VCE Dance Teacher approved by VCAA. The student’s secondary school is responsible for enrolling their student with the VCAA and for entering students results on VASS according to VCAA timelines. The IDS VCE Faculty will ensure open lines of communication between the student’s ‘Home’ School by producing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) document. IDS will provide an VCAA-approved MOU template for families/students to share with their secondary school to obtain a partnership agreement. This MOU agreement will outline and clarify the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in delivering the VCE Dance course-work and assesments, in line with VCAA requirements. The signing of the MOU by IDS’s Director (or the appointed nominee) and the secondary school’s Principal/VCE Coordinator (or the appointed nominee) formalises the partnerships agreement.


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