These are but some of the many wonderful testimonials and thank you notes we receive from our beautiful community. Enjoy getting to know us by reading through the special comments below:

"Congratulations to you and all of the teaching faculty at IDS. Your concert was outstanding, and second to none, and is testament to the quality of the teaching, the care and nurturing of students, the showcasing of talent that has been carefully moulded into high quality performances.

I think I spent most of the concert in tears. I am amazed that a school that has an open entry policy, and welcomes students into every class, can produce such consistent demonstrations of excellent technique, strong flexible dancers and polished performances. Usually consistent standards of that quality are produced by audition only schools, or there might be one or two outstanding dancers, but not across the board, in every dance, at every level, like you have produced.

Goodness me, I could go on forever, about the choreography, so clean, simple, and yet complex. The costumes, just stunning, again, some that were so simple, but so elegant and tasteful, and bright and energetic, so complimentary to the choreography of each dance, and a credit to the hours of effort that the families have volunteered in making them. All of course, enhanced by your choices of lighting and visual effects. And then the flowers at the end, for every student, such a beautiful and generous gesture, a statement that makes every child feel important.

My daughters technique, performance focus and self discipline have significantly improved, and as a result, her self confidence, self belief and pride in her dancing. For that, I thank you. Actually, I can not thank you enough. I have been looking for a school like yours, local to the South East Melbourne region, for years, and am so glad, and I think my daughter is also glad, that we found IDS. She is keen and motivated and inspired to practice her RAD work over the holidays. She is proud to be a member of the IDS community. " - IDS Parent

"Wow, wow, wow!! What a fantastic show you and your beautiful school put on yesterday. I truly loved every dance, every costume, every scene; but for me the real magic of yesterday wasn't even about the showcase! 


I have spent lots of time this year justifying to colleagues (I had to change my work hours), friends and family why I do the big trek to Hallam when there are plenty of dance schools nearby. I get the condescending, "Is she going to be a professional dancer?" - as if that's the only valid reason to make such a commitment. At times I've asked those same questions of myself though increasingly less so, and this past month has given me insight into IDS so that I no longer have to think too hard about why I do it. Although so much of the why is intangible I couldn't help but reflect on the past few weeks and try and put my gratitude into words. 


Although my daughter was disappointed when it was suggested that she repeat Grade 5, that was the moment I knew we had made the right choice. The fact that it didn't diminish her love for dancing nor did it change how she felt about IDS is testament to the way it was handled and I'm sure in retrospect she sees how it benefited her dancing. I chose IDS for your focus on dance technique and I'm sure hers has improved. What I couldn't have known was everything else she would learn this year! It is these that I am most grateful for.


She has learnt about family. Not only her dance family that she loves, but she gets to witness the love, care and teamwork between adult siblings as you, Miss Rebecca and Aunty Karli work together in a respectful, warm and supportive way. As an immigrant whose sibling lives on the opposite side of the world, I feel so blessed knowing that she gets to learn from this. 


She has learned about opportunity and fairness and that in your dance school you don't have to be the best dancer, or even a soloist or in troupe to be recognised and given a place to shine. We were both shocked and humbled by her getting the senior team

Player award; and I loved how in your concert dances it was never about one or two people but always about the group. 


Your continual expressions of gratitude through your actions and words, your lovely manner and the respect with which you conduct yourself with both the parents and kids, has been different to what we have witnessed previously, and the empathy and care you show to each student is extraordinary. 


The example you set for our girls of a working mother who is organised, ambitious, giving and warm but firm, is as much as any mother could wish for in a role model for her daughter. 


I feel so lucky that at a time when she was really vulnerable and lacking in confidence, starting high school, questioning whether she'd ever dance well again, that we found IDS. Despite being a "recreational dancer" she has really found her place at IDS as a valued part of the team. She is so incredibly happy. 


I can't thank you and your teaching staff enough for the wonderful year she has had, and although I am terrified for me, I'm so excited for her for next year! 


I wish you a wonderful break that is restful, happy and filled with family and friends. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.


With love, wishes and gratitude" - IDS Parent

"There are so many dance schools out there, it is often hard when looking for one for your child to identify the differences. Having moved to IDS at the beginning of the year, I can honestly say that what IDS offers over the others cannot be simply found on Google. You have to feel & experience it to understand the true difference. My daughter leaves every class excited for the next. She is not only being taught how to dance, but being nurtured. Not just learning to respect herself, but those she dances with. The emphasis is not on results but the wonderful journey that you experience along with it. The great results speak for themselves.

IDS is not just a dance school, it is a community, where all the teachers, students & parents come together to encourage each and every dancer to be the best they can be. As a result of Miss Nicole's dedication & hard work, she has built an exceptional dance school that continues to grow & build stronger every year. We feel so lucky to have found IDS and are so proud to be a member of this community." - IDS Parent

"Such a warm ,positive and encouraging environment. There is a great balance of working hard and progressing with strong technique as well as having fun and enjoying dance and doing what they love.The teachers go above and beyond and are there every step of the way - bringing out the absolute best in each person. Every student is provided opportunity and is supported to be they best can/are-doing as little or as much as they want.My daughter loves every minute and never wants to leave! Love the beautiful student teachers who are great role models too.Highly recommend." - IDS Parent
“IDS is a remarkable community & culture providing a consistent, nurturing environment alongside importantly teaching correct technique always ensuring safe dance practices are followed. Each dancer is inspired to excel & reach their full individual desire & potential. The moment we stepped inside the building of IDS we knew right from that moment this was going to be something special for our girls & us as a family. We feel totally blessed & always assured that our girls have found their forever dance home with their forever dance family. This warms our heart immensely! We will always be eternally grateful for everything that Miss Nicole and her dedicated staff do. IDS is truly the place to be now & in the future." - IDS Parent
How do you say ‘THANKYOU’? Eight years ago, you realized your dream and opened the doors of CID (now IDS). I entered your world and you opened my eyes to ‘dance’ igniting a passion within me for the art of Contemporary Dance. You challenged my mind and body to reach deep inside, to extend myself, to ‘live’ the choreography…. to respect the art form….. to honour the performance… pure joy and excitement in every drop of perspiration and aching muscel. We have worked, planned, laughed and cried together along the way.


You have challenged me to reach within to find the teacher and choreographer – scary – a journey that I never would have believed could be so satisfying. I have absolutely loved working with our young dancers….. seeing their dedication and passion… nurturing their dreams, challenging them to be the best they can be… to work hard, to pursue excellence…. Just as you have with me.

My journey in dance continues as I pursue my dream.

Leaving you and IDS is like leaving home all over again…. This is my dance home. It is scary, exciting and sad rolled into one.

My story, my journey, with you is a true reflection of your belief.

You have nurtured my talent, love and passion for dance. You have inspired me to follow my dream, to believe in myself. Excel?.... To achieve my dream and find my place in Dance… yes I can do it….. because you told me I can and have given me the tools to succeed.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU Miss Nicole.


With love always, Miranda" - Student and IDS Teacher

I just wanted to send you a little email…. Thank you so very, very much for your lovely words last night (at Presentation Evening). They were so meaningful to us as parents, and especially to our daughter, evident in her reaction upon finding out that you were talking about her!!!!

It certainly has been a huge year for her, a journey with so many highs and a few lows thrown in, I’m sure to challenge her strength of character. She asked me a couple of times this year during the lows “why me?”. All this resting on the shoulders of a young girl. To say I am a proud mum is a monumental understatement. She ticks all the boxes for me…… as she should, because she is mine. But for other people to recognise her lovely personality and compassion for others, is very humbling to me. It means I am on the right track as a parent, which makes me happy. You have been there for her and myself through the not so great moments, making us understand the importance of remaining true to ourselves.


I really can’t imagine not having you as a part of our lives; we are eternally grateful for everything that you do. You are so special to my daughter, my family and I and Thank you for being who you are. We couldn’t ask for a more amazing person to be guiding our little girl through her dance journey." - IDS Parent

“Miss Nicole and everyone at IDS, As our daughter embarks on her last concert after 7 years, we would like to sincerely thank all the amazing teachers and students, past and present, who have made the journey so wonderful. A special thank you to Miss Nicole for the amazing standard of dance you provide, including attracting the most talented staff. Thank you for all the wonderful opportunities that you have provided throughout the years. Not only have you taught our daughter the beautiful art of dance, she has also learnt how to respectfully celebrate the wins, be gracious and grow from defeat and be part of a team. Her experiences over the time she has been with you will be with her for life. Miss Rebecca and Miss Caitlyn - our daughter has studied under you both for many years, we have watched her flourish and grow from the breathtaking classical training that you've provided. Her love for her classical training is a credit to your unwavering attention, technical knowledge and the discipline you have instilled. We cannot thank you enough.
Now as she prepares to embark on the next chapter of her dancing life at VCASS, we are so proud to say she is a part of the IDS family now and always, she loves you more than you will ever know! With love." - IDS Parent
"Hi Miss Nicole and IDS staff,

I just want to say how impressed we are with your showcase you produced, with all our lovely children was. I was blown away with the quality, professionalism and standard of today's show.

The amount of help and support our daughter said she received back stage from the other students was amazing, she said it was one of the most organised and relaxed backstage she's ever had. She has been on cloud nine tonight (and won't go to sleep!)


Thank you for continuing to grow our daughters love of dance for another year, can't wait to see her reach her goals in another year with IDS...... Thank you again" - IDS Parent

“Our daughter joined IDS in 2012 with basic dance experience. In only six short months with IDS she had developed many rewarding skills, and an enthusiastic passion for dance. Miss Nicole and her teachers are welcoming, caring people and this is seen through her dedicated school of young dancers. Well done IDS, and thank you.”
"I highly recommend IDS. From the time my daughter walked in the door she was welcomed with open arms. The teachers are all fabulous professionals who truly care about each and every student’s personal development. The improvements we have seen in her overall technique is amazing. Miss Nicole is such an amazing role model for these children and fosters a nurturing environment throughout the studio. Proud to be IDS.”
"We were introduced to IDS through an invitation from a friend. Our daughter was immediately captivated by the energy and enthusiasm of staff & students. Leading by example, Nicole/the Director is an integral element if all aspects of the school. Her passion is reflected in the positive rapport she fosters with each student. Our daughter had continued to develop technique, form strong friendships and continues to grow in confidence. She thoroughly enjoys her time at IDS each week. She is supported, challenged and encouraged and had us mesmerized at the annual end of year showcase. As a parent, I would not hesitate to recommend IDS.“ - IDS Parent
“We have been a part of IDS since they first opened their doors and I could not be more proud and confident that this was the best decision as far as dance schools go. All staff at IDS are so very passionate about their teaching and the learning of their students. The standard is seriously second to none. The environment is always welcoming, you really do feel like family and it’s wonderful to see the students so supportive of one another. We love it!” - IDS Parent 
"Dear Miss Nicole,

On behalf of our daughter, my husband and myself we wish to say Congratulations on a job well done! The Showcase was everything we expected and SO MUCH MORE!


We can only appreciate all the hard work it takes to make it such a production and it was all worth it.  We have nothing but praise and gratitude to you, your wonderful teaching staff and helpers for what was the… “Best Show Ever”!


My husband and I could not be more proud of our daughter and what she has achieved in the last 12 months (to think it all started here 12 months ago!) and we are so happy to see a confident and capable little girl on stage – it brings us so much joy just watching her doing what she loves.


Our daughter has enjoyed every second of her year at IDS and has definitely found a passion in dance this year, so wonderfully supported by yourself, the teachers and her peers. 


So, once again, THANK-YOU!  For the time and sacrifice you put into your dance school and for making our little girl the absolute best she can be.  We could not be more grateful. Bring on 2017!" - IDS Parent

"We are still in awe from such a wonderful showcase. You must be so proud of your achievement! Sitting in the audience, watching the finale with tears coming down my face. It helped reconfirm and remind me of the reason we choose IDS for our daughter. 

I know that you continue to promote a T.E.A.M environment, which resonates strongly with us. This ethos could be seen in the showcase today! This showcase reaffirmed to me what it means to be IDS. I thank you for you continued commitment to our children and for your continued and personal encouragement of our daughter." - IDS Parent

“Hi Miss Nicole, I want to say a huge Thank you for being such a big support through these competitions. Thank you for being there for our daughter and myself, through all of the fabulous results and also the not so fabulous moments. I’m very proud of our girl and the way she handled every moment. But she would not be as strong if she hadn’t had your amazing support and kind words. Thank you for giving up your own family time for all of our children, no questions asked. We are very proud to be IDS :)" - IDS Parent
“Highly recommend IDS. From the time my daughter walked in the door she was welcomed with open arms. The teachers are all fabulous professionals who truly care about each and every student’s personal development. The improvements we have seen in her overall technique is amazing. Miss Nicole is such an amazing role model for these children and fosters a nurturing environment throughout the studio. Proud to be IDS.” - IDS Parent
“Our daughter joined IDS in 2012 with basic dance experience. In only six short months with IDS she had developed many rewarding skills, and an enthusiastic passion for dance. Miss Nicole and her teachers are welcoming, caring people and this is seen through her dedicated school of young dancers. Well done IDS, and thank you.”  - IDS Parent
“My somewhat unruly 4 year old started dancing at IDS in 2010. Never could I have imagined how far-reaching the benefits of these dance classes could be! Not only does she light up with joy when she dances, but the rewards have spilled over into her home and school life as well. She’s more attentive, more polite and more focused. Dance has provided an outlet which has transformed my hyperactive 4 year-old into a beautiful, poised young lady, something I am so thankful for.” - IDS Parent
“This was our first IDS concert coming from another school and all i can say is AMAZING! Amazing performances from ALL the students, amazing choriography, amazing costumes, just amazingly fabulous!! Thank you for confirming we have chosen the right school for our daughter. Well done to all the teachers, students, helpers and organisers.” - IDS Parent
"I wholeheartedly recommend IDS for the best, most professional and correct dance training. If your son or daughter wants to join a dance school that is fun, friendly and supportive - this is the school. If they want to join a dance school that is professional, consistent and offers the highest standard training- this is the school. If they want to be inspired, have amazing opportunities and feel a part of a community - this is the school. I couldn't recommend IDS more. It has changed my daughter’s life and inspires her to be not only a terrific, motivated and driven dancer but also a considerate and kind human being. Thank you Miss Nicole." - IDS Parent
“My daughter decided at the beginning of 2011 that she wanted to learn Classical Ballet. We went to quite a few open days and thought all of the Ballet Schools that we visited were nice. Then we walked into IDS’s open day, there was something very different and unique about IDS, it didn’t feel like we would just be joining a dance school, it felt more like we would become a part of a wonderful family. They were so happy, friendly and helpful that we walked out the door, looked at each other and said “This is the one”.
My daughter is now in her fourth year with IDS and she just loves it. We have found Miss Nicole and the other teachers at IDS to be very professional, cheerful, smiley, knowledgeable and above all friendly and caring, not only to the students but to their parents and families as well. This happy and friendly feeling seems to also extend to the students at IDS and to the parents, both Elizabeth and I have, during her short time with IDS had the opportunity to get to know lots of very nice people. We are so happy with IDS that we constantly recommend it to friends and family…and their end of year Showcase is just amazing!” - IDS Parent
“Our daughter has been attending Independent Dance Studios for just under four years. The progress she has made in this time has been brilliant. Not only has she taken to the warm and friendly manner of the dance school, she has increased confidence and is now not afraid to tackle anything.” - IDS Parent
"Hi Miss Nicole, I just wanted to say OMG! Last night's Showcase was spectacular once again. The dances fantastic, the costumes sparkling. It just blows me away how much everyone had grown and improved over the year. I have no idea where these girls get their energy from. Clearly they all love what they do! Your teaching staff are outstanding and that was shown in EVERY performance last night. The Character Ballet is even better than a Melbourne City Youth Ballet Production and all in just 20 minutes! WOW, outstanding. What classical focus you have and pass on to our lucky children. Thank you for being so nurturing and caring to our daughter and everyone at IDS. The caring professional environment you have created just brings out the best in everyone! Proud to be IDS... xxx" - IDS Parent
“Hi Miss Nicole, Just a note to congratulate you on yet another massive and wonderful showcase. The students excelled and it seemed to run very smoothly from the audiences side. Many thanks for the support you have given to our daughter over so many years & we wish IDS continued success for many years to come." - IDS Parent
"A warm and welcoming atmosphere where your child will be nurtured and encouraged as an individual, not just a number! 
Great feedback/ interaction with teachers and a real community spirit among the parents! IDS is the best !!" - IDS Parent
“Our daughter has just finished summer school at the Australian Ballet School. I asked her about her teachers there... She tells me Miss Nicole and Miss Rebecca are much better dancers/teachers. Not even the Australian Ballet School can top IDS for this eight year old!" - IDS Parent
"Words cannot express my feelings and gratitude towards Miss Nicole and all of her sensational teachers... My girls love you all and it shows every time they take to the stage." - IDS Parent

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