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Keyane Dalton

Theatrical, Acro and VCE Dance

In 2019 Keyane returned from extensive travels internationally. Having previously taught for IDS in 2015, she is a much-loved member of our IDS community. Keyane is a passionate and consumate professional dancer and teacher with oodles of knowledge, talent and drive. Adored by all her students we are thrilled to have Keyane's theatrical leadership and enthusiasm leading our musical theatre, jazz, tap, VCE Dance and lots more!


Keyane began dancing at a very young age with the Rebecca Anderson School of Dance, before she extended her passion for theatrical dance, with Bev Palmer Performing Arts theatrical school. She graduated of BAPA and upholds a Bachelor of Musical Theatre and a Graduate Diploma of Education. In 2020, Keyane began teaching VCE Dance for IDS and immediately had students scoring in the top percentile of the state in both the performance and written exams. Keyane loves teaching dance, her passion for performing translates through every class.

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