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Shaylan Cole 2019-2021

The Classical Extension Program at IDS is a nurturing program that has guided and supported me. The incredible faculty help you become the best dancer that you can be and always encourage you. Being a part of CEP is such a valuable experience that I will cherish and look back on for the rest of my life.


The amount of dedication and effort each teacher puts in to the classes is a privilege to be able to receive. I have learnt and grown so much as a dancer, and mentally over the past 2 and a half year from Miss Nicole and all teachers. The mental skills I have learn and been taught, are things that I can take into everyday life and my future. Being around such kind and eager dancers in the program is so nice and helps me to push myself. IDS is such an encouraging and supporting environment.


Everyone in CEP and at IDS have helped me to grow and they have supported me whether it be opportunities, achievements or encouraged me to keep going when things got tough.


It is such a privilege to be a part of a nurturing and inspiring Classical Extension Program. Forever grateful.

Shaylan Cole

Elena Rocke 2019-2021

The CEP program has truly been an incredible experience for me. I am so grateful for the constant support, encouragement and teachings of all the CEP faculty, who push me to become the best I can be. The change and progression that I went through especially during my first year in the program was incredible. Everything from my mindset to my technique and artistry improved and I gained skills that I am sure I will use for the rest of my life.


CEP has taught me the value of hard work and dedication, and helped me to achieve goals I didn’t think I was capable of. I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunities this program has given me. I look forward to CEP classes every week, being in such a positive environment with such inspiring teachers is so rewarding.


I am so grateful for the time, effort and passion that every CEP teacher puts into every student. Thank you.

Elena Rocke

Griffinn Argus 2018-2020

We were welcomed into IDS and the CEP Program with open arms. Being the mother of a male Dancer sometimes makes you feel isolated... but not at IDS.


We have never felt more acceptance, love and support not only between the kids but parents and teachers too. With an absolutely dedicated, hard working and loyal first class teaching facility behind the kids as well we can all see how they have grown from strength to strength not only as a group but sometimes solo. We love watching our IDS family dance xo Thank you.

Nicole Argus

Bella Giblett 2021

Bella has just started her 1st year in the IDS classical extension program, her dream come true this year, finally being old enough to join such a wonderful program. Already CEP has given Bella such a massive improvement in her technique as well as her confidence.

To see such an improvement in her ability after being unwell for 18 months is so amazing to see her go from strength to strength.


The CEP teachers have been incredibly welcoming to Bella and myself and are so encouraging, passionate and committed to there art form, making such wonderful role models for my 12 year old to look up too and learn from. Thank you Miss Nicole and staff, we are so grateful for all of Bella's opportunities and look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Leanne Giblett

Jaimie Burke 2018-2020

Watching my daughter immerse herself in something that she loved was a joy to my soul. During her first year in the program as a 14yr old she suffered quite a stressful injury whilst performing on stage. She initially thought her dancing days could be over.


The love, care, encouragement and guidance that she received from all internal and external staff along with her fierce determination had her back to full strength within 3 months. We were so thankful. In her following 2 years in the program I watched on as she grew as a dancer and a person learning and developing skills that will stand her in good stead throughout the rest of her life.

This program doesn’t just help to develop ballerina’s but beautiful well rounded human beings who will be successful in whatever career they eventually choose.

Kelley Burke

Alliyah Stevenson 2020-2021

Alliyah is currently in her second year of the IDS classical Extension program, and what a positive, loving and encouraging program it has been for her.


Since the move, we have noticed such a fantastic change in her, always happy to go to her classes, learn and be at her best and always showing her dedication and willingness to try. It has been challenging at times for her and when times were tough, these fantastic teachers with in this program were right there for her to pick her up, push her boundaries and give her the positive encouragement she needed to keep her going to succeed and be hard-working, and never to give up. She honestly loves being apart on the IDS family and we as her parents couldn't be more proud of her and the beautiful young Ballerina she has become.

We couldn't be more thankful to the teachers for their dedication, all the long hours and love that they put into all their students, and would be happy to recommend them to any new families considering joining IDS.

Melina Stevenson

Jaimie Burke 2018-2020

My 3 years in CEP were 3 of the most valuable years in my life so far. While i was in the program, I learnt so much. My skills improved so quickly as I started to fall in love with the art form. It is so rewarding when not only you can see your improvement but when others notice how hard you have worked to be where you are today, and that’s something I’m so grateful for.


The teachers that hold the program together are the loveliest people you’ll ever meet and you can just see their passion for ballet ooze out of them when they teach every student. Watching them in the classroom was one of the most inspiring things to watch going through the program at the young of 14. Just seeing a teacher smile and give so much care into teaching young aspiring ballerinas, just made me want to smile and show that I was so appreciative to be there. I am so grateful for the opportunities the program gave me to broaden my horizons and even step out of my comfort zones.


This program was definitely challenging in the way that it made sure I was pushing myself to my highest limits and dancing to the best of my ability even when I might not have believed in myself. I’m so thankful for the time and effort that these wonderful teachers have given me and evidently, I think it has truly paid off.

Jaimie Burke

Grace Susa 2021

Grace is a relative newcomer to CEP having commenced at the start of this year. As a very organised child, the structure, discipline and high expectations of the program are in complete alignment with how she likes to learn.


She is being nurtured by expert teachers who are caring and committed, and are so explicit with their instructions and corrections. As a result, gains in both her confidence and classical technique are already clearly evident. Thank-you.

Rachel Massaro

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